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Stop staring at a blank page with no ideas for what to write. Get inspired to write immediately with these unique prompts.


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Use the writing prompts as quick writing practices or warm-ups. OR, use one as the inspiration for the plot of your next novel.

write every day!

Whether you’re an aspiring author or you’re already published, you should be writing every day.

Writing is a skill that develops over practice. And then more practice. And then more. Stop writing and you’ll not only stop improving, you’ll lose some of your skill.

Think of it like exercise for your creativity instead of your body. The more you do, the stronger you get. Laze around doing nothing for too long and you’ll get weaker.

Do you struggle with what to write every day? You’re not alone.

Writing prompts exist to help you!

I know! I know! You’ve seen a million writing prompts out there. You’ve got 18,000 of them saved on your computer… somewhere…

But you still struggle to get started with your writing every day.

Because you’re wasting time waiting to get inspired.

Seriously. Writing is a time-consuming job/passion/hobby/whatever it is to you.

Next, it’s also hard. Like pull out your hair and feel like you’ll never complete anything hard.

But most importantly, there’s A LOT to do. 

Why waste time looking for prompts?

Your time is valuable and you should spend as much of it as possible actually writing.

The daily writing prompt subscription will give you a quality, creative prompt every single day.

Stop searching. Stop waiting.

Start writing.

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