Foundations in Fiction: 

Characters I

Foundations in Fiction: Character I is your introduction to casting the characters for a novel. 

Whether this is your first novel or you just need some help with the characters in your story, Foundations in Fiction: Characters I can help!

It includes important lessons about story characters, an example that goes through the entire process, a guided exercise, and a workbook.

Who are your characters?


Characters are the key to any great novel. They’re what people remember most.


Every single genre needs characters – great characters, a variety of characters.


But how do you get started casting your characters?


Start with an idea!


That’s right. First comes the idea.


But you don’t just start writing or casting right away. You should explore your idea: what characters and stories do you see in it?


Choose Your Main Character


The main character is the lifeblood of your story. Without them, you’d have nothing.


Choose the one you’ll be happy to spend hundreds of hours with.


And then…


Create Your Cast


You’ll need Very Important Characters like the antagonist and love interest, and you’ll need minor characters and extras.


You might have 100 characters. Or you might just have a dozen. But,


You’re not alone.


Foundations in Fiction: Characters I is here to help. It’ll walk you through the above steps with examples, exercises, templates, and a workbook. Why wait?



Foundations in Fiction: Characters I Includes


Foundations in Fiction: Characters I includes comprehensive lessons to help you through the process of casting your novel.



Foundations in Fiction: Characters I has a complete example demonstrating each aspect of casting. It also includes a guided exercise!


Foundations in Fiction: Characters I includes a workbook in your purchase. Use this workbook to cast characters for all your own stories.


From the Course:

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Start Casting your characters today!

Start developing a complete (and amazing) cast of characters for your novel today.