The 15-Step Master Outline

The 15-Step Master Outline for Fiction is the ultimate outline. It’s completely customizable: add more or less details depending on your outlining (and writing) style.

Whether you’re a plotter, a pantser, or somewhere in between, the 15-Step Master Outline for Fiction can help you get your story in order. It includes a comprehensive lesson for each step, bestselling example, and workbook.

Get Organized!

Writing a book is f****ng hard (pardon my language). 

Especially the first one. So often, I see writers start strong and then flounder with what to write.

They’re not prepared. They don’t know where they’re going or how to find their story.

“But I can’t outline!”

“I’m a panster.”

“Outlines just aren’t for me.”

Does this sound like you?

An outline is NOT set in stone!

Maybe read that again.

It’s time to start thinking of your outline as a roadmap. There are thousands of places you can go and dozens of routes to get to each.

Sometimes detours come up.

Outlines can be changed!

That’s right.

An outline is flexible and you can rework it at any time.

An outline is a tool to help you be better. Use it in the way that suits your style.

Most first drafts are never finished.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Take some time to organize your story before you start, and you’ll be much more likely to finish.

The 15-Step Master Outline is here to help.

The 15-Step Master Outline Includes


The 15-Step Master Outline includes comprehensive lessons for each step of the process. You’ll never be wondering, “what should I do for this step?”



The 15-Step Master Outline will use the bestselling novel The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins as an example of how each step works.


The 15-Step Master Outline Workbook is included in your purchase. It contains a worksheet for every step of the outline that you can fill out for your story!


From the Course:

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