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Say no to books, notebooks, & mugs!

Seriously, I already own 50 billion notebooks. I have 200+ books that I haven’t read yet. I have 50 coffee mugs, and I use the same 6 over and over. I don’t need someone else to buy me these things, and neither does any other writer I know!

What kind of gifts do I like? The ones that I want, but just won’t buy for myself. Check out these writer themed gift ideas!

Gift Prices?

Prices can fluctuate, so I’m using a $-$$$$$ range of prices.

$ is likely going to be less than (or close to) $25
up to
$$$$$ which is probably going to be more than $300

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7 Typewriter Inspired Gifts for Writers

Typewriters are cool. Writers mostly love them. BUT, they’re not very practical. While you can buy someone a typewriter (and there’s a couple of options included in the list), something typewriter-inspired is probably best for most writers!

5 Noise-Canceling Headphones for Writers

Distraction is the enemy for most writers. So I’m always surprised at how many writers I know who use earbuds! Noise-canceling headphones are useful for any writer, check out these 5.

5 Reading Accessories for Writers

No list of gifts for writers would be complete without mentioning reading. Check out these reading accessories.

7 Clothes & Jewelry Gifts for Writers

Does your writer like funky socks? Creative T-shirts? Literary inspired jewelry? Check out these clothes & jewelry gifts.

5 Gifts of E-Readers or Accessories

I love having an e-reader. I know a lot of readers who are hesitant because REAL BOOKS feel and smell so intoxicating. But once you get used to an e-reader, it’s a miracle. Perhaps you know a reader/writer who could be converted (or upgraded)?

8 Other Gifts for Writers

There are countless other cool gifts you could get for the writer(s) in your life. Check out these ones!

Got a Favorite?

Pin this: 37 Gifts for Writers (Need to buy gifts for writers? Check out this list of 37 awesome gift ideas (with no books, journals, or mugs)! Find something your writer will love!)

Have you purchased or used any of the gift ideas in this post? Is this list missing an essential gift for writers?

Kindle Unlimited might be a great gift choice (or gift to yourself). Read a Complete Review of Kindle Unlimited next to find out!

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